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Screenshot Shenanigans

Screenshot Shenanigans

Well… it’s been a while… again. There’s just not enough time in the day. But I have plenty of time now, thanks to the pandemic and my job furloughing me through June.

It’s been… you know what, who cares? Lots and lots of shit happened. I left my old job, got a new much, much better and much, much higher paying job, the absolute dumpster fire in the Oval Office will likely stay there again because all the “radical left,” aka people who would be just slightly left of center in any other country, can’t get their shit together long enough to bite the bullet and vote out the president responsible for over 50k American deaths as of this writing. Yeah, the guy running against him is shit too, but he doesn’t have a 50k+ body count and your preferred guy would never have won anyway, even though I liked that guy better too.

I miss fast food. Sooooooo much. Especially terrible chain fast food pizza. And Taco Bell. And Wendy’s. And Popeye’s. On the plus side, I think I’ve dropped around 10 pounds, so that’s cool. I haven’t been getting any because I’m real leary of food prepared outside my house right now. And yes, I know, restaurants are in trouble and need my help blah blah blah I don’t care. I’d rather not potentially expose myself to a horrific disease.

In Feb of 2019 I had an allergic reaction that required an ER visit! Turns out I’m allergic to goat dairy, so that’s a thing. And in Feb of 2020, I had a couple of severe anxiety attacks that sent me to the ER twice in 4 days. Turns out I have anxiety! That was the diagnosis after running 22 blood tests (twice!) and several CAT scans and ultrasounds. So now I have to take blood pressure meds until I can see my cardio again and he clears me to come off them. Seems that each anxiety attack or even mild case of nerves causes my blood pressure to shoot way the hell up. At my last checkup, everything was fine, so that’s a good sign. Once I can see my cardio, which will probably be after lockdown is lifted, I should be off the meds. At that point, I’ll only have my Xanax to take as needed if I should have another anxiety attack. Good times!

What does any of this have to do with the title? NOTHING! Just me getting the stuff out of my system before I get to what I’m really doing here today. I have been taking a metric ass ton of screenshots of my games over the past few years, which I post on social media accounts that no one looks at. I figured, “Hey, I can post my screenshots here without any crappy compression and no one will look at them either!” Plus that gives this blog a bit more purpose, since I hardly ever use it for writing. That’s bad and I should do something about that, but I think we all know I won’t. And by “we” I mean me, myself, and I, because who visits here, amirite?

SO! Here’s some recent screenshots of No Man’s Sky. Fun fact: I just got the achievement on Steam for getting to the center in Survival mode. The last achievement I have to get is the one for getting to the center in Permadeath. After I post this, I’m gonna play some Animal Crossing: New Horizons because I just realized I haven’t played that all day today, and then work on my new Permadeath save. Enjoy!

Checking out this weird bug eyed looking space station while standing next to my ship, docked with one of my frigates.
Survival mode success!
Neat color contrast.
Birth of a star.
Uh oh…
Cotton candy skies.
Dark side of the space station.