Welcome to Project Anaphase

Welcome to Project Anaphase

New year, new site design. I’m still tweaking this setup, and more changes to the layout will probably be made, but the theme and overall structure is set. I’ve got a new URL http://www.projectanaphase.com) that should be active shortly that will direct to this site. The old one will remain active for the foreseeable future; quite a lot of history there! Aside from the shiny new interface, you’ll see I’ve removed the Twitter stream and replaced it with a link to my profile. Gone is Facebook, since I don’t use that steaming pile of turd for anything. I’ve added a link to my Google+ profile along with a link to my Pinterest profile (which has become my new obsession, btw). I’ve got more pictures to add to my gallery (including the 2011 Electric Zoo — my swan song!) and a ton of things to update. My goal is of course regular updates, but this is something I’ve tried and failed before. I think it’s partly because its mostly been a rather vague goal, as shown here:

Me: “How often should I update?”
Myself: “More than I do now.”
Me: “Brilliant! I’ll start right away.”
6 update-free months later…
Me: “Bollocks.”

Yea, trying to avoid that this time around, so I’m setting a concrete goal. One post every other day. I’ve got WordPress apps installed on all my Android devices, and I’ve got at least one of those with me at all times. Plus, there’s my Chromebook and it’s 3G access. There really isn’t any reason I can’t meet this goal short of being a terrible human being. I am going to avoid being a terrible human being.

That said, I’ve got another responsibility I’ve been failing at. I’ve pretty much completely neglected I have certainly eaten since my last update there, and I even have a pile of pictures for reviews that are rattling around in my head. I’m not going to be redesigning that site because I still love how it looks, but I am going to stop being a lazy fatty and start updating there. The goal? One post a week. I think that’s a good target for the kind of site that it is.

Now, its off to tinker a bit more, then go to bed. I’ve got some shenanigans scheduled for tomorrow, after which, there will be blood updating!

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