Shenanigans! I missed my goal already and its only been a week! I am irate with myself. In my defense, I was working overtime the last few days of shift this week. And I probably would have updated yesterday, but I got so frustrated and fed up with my Droid Charge (thanks for the support and your TouchWiz garbage, Samsung!) that I ended up getting a new phone. I have the Galaxy Nexus now and it’s a dream. This is what Android should have been from the start! It’s superior to the Charge in every way except one: battery life. I knew this going in however, so it’s not like it’s a shock. I’m getting about what everyone else is getting, so I think my next step is to try out some custom kernels to see if I can get some underclocking and undervolting going to improve battery life. The phone is so fast already, and with GPU acceleration, it’s so silky smooth. I wonder how low I could go before I noticed a performance hit. Gotta find that balance!

I had my OG Droid several months before I rooted it. I wanted to try it and see what it could get me. I also wanted to experiment with overlooking that bad boy. I had my Droid Charge about a month before I rooted it and that was mostly a desperate attempt to get rid of TouchWiz. I had this phone almost exactly 24 hours before I rooted it. I am debating whether or not to drop a ROM on this phone. I’m really happy with the stock ROM. The only thing I’d want is something that puts toggles for things like wifi, bluetooth, etc in the notification area. Other than that, I’m good. I got this phone for the pure Android experience and that’s exactly what I’m getting. It’s the first phone I’ve had that I haven’t really had a burning need to root, and ironically its the phone that I’ve rooted the fastest.

I’m going to try some different kernels aimed towards power efficiency and see how that goes. If it’s not really effective, it may be time for a dock and extra battery, but that’s something I’d rather avoid… Although I do want the dock, even though I don’t really need it. Maybe when I get my tax return.

And now, kernels!

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