Renewed Valor: 1 Month(ish) Update

Renewed Valor: 1 Month(ish) Update

Its been just a bit over one month since the launch of Project Anaphase.  I thought I’d look back and see how I’m doing in regards to my update frequency and such.  The first post made to Project Anaphase was on 2/12/12.  It’s now 3/17/12, so at a target update rate of 1 post every 2 days, this should be post #18.  It is in fact post #9.  That gives me an actual update rate of once every 4 days.  It’s about twice as slow as I wanted it to be, but its still better than once every year!  I’ll count this as good progress and a step in the right direction.  I was supposed to relaunch Ask the Fatty! with a post about the Chocolate World Expo, as detailed in my last post here, but I did not because I forgot and am thus a terrible human being.  I will be remedying that this weekend (unless I forget again, in which case I need to be beaten with sticks), but I can’t really count this as progress at all until my next analysis of how I’m doing.

A quick side note:  I’m listening to the remixes of Chuckie‘s “What Happens in Vegas” and they’re pretty damn good!  I didn’t really know of Chuckie before this song and “Who is Ready to Jump?” but he’s quickly becoming someone I want to hear more from.

I’m not done uploading all of my pictures to the new Gallery, but that’s because I’ve been debating something.  I think I’m going to only upload pictures here that are more focused on my photography and things of that nature.  Any photos of my friends and I… engaging in polite conversation at the many gala charity events we are prone to attend will remain private in my G+ gallery.  I’m not so sure I want to be sharing that stuff with everyone ever since other people are involved and there is a privacy concern to think of.  This coming weekend is pretty clear for me (not counting all the DVR stuff I have to catch up on), so I hope to get the remaining pictures uploaded.

I’m pretty happy with the theme, and I don’t think there are any other tweaks to make in that regard, but I do want to overhaul the categories that things are organized in.  That’s going to be a pretty big job, considering the years of posts that are here.  I’m probably going to leave that for last, so I don’t think that’ll get done this weekend.

Overall, I don’t think this has been a bad first month.  While there’s room for improvement, I’m happy with how things have gone.


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